worthless illegalas entering the USA

The “mob” again trying to enter the USA is sickening !

The socialist liberals again whine and complain….. but to no good for the USA.  “WE”  do not want them in our country … let me go wherever…. just not here.

If needed, put them in the ground now!  they will die anyway, make it merciful.

So stupid to waste our money and time to only deport or imprison them later

Why are our people wasting efforts ?


Comedians writing about Trump

It so great to see how the idiot “journalists” and “comedian” writers really believe they are experts on finance, politics and the economy.   Each tries to justify there stupidity by creating incorrect postings regarding how President Trump is somehow to blame.  President Trump in ONE year has done more good for the USA than the last 50 years of the Liberals, Socialists  and Democrats.  Please print more comedy, it is fun to read and shows how low of and IQ you have.

Presidential Slander

The President did NOT say what the press is circulating, but they don’t care about the facts or truth.  And if the President would have call the islands s**tholes – that would have been a FACT !  I have been to most of the islands, and they are the laziest, most worthless people you would ever meet.   No desire to work honestly, just steal and sell drugs as they can make millions of people, rather than do constructive and worthwhile work.  Most are slime, not all, but most of them. I was not even through airport security and “employees” were offering me drugs… the good stuff, but still…. how stupid are they !

Obama is an ass

It is so good to see the word knows now what a waste this guy was as president.  The liberals and socialists are seeing how stupid they were for backing him….. the USA lost eight years and trillions of dollars, but we are now on the winning side, and will recover soon….   great news for all true USA citizens… bad news for the losers !

Thank President Trump !!

The past week has shown our president to be a true believer in the USA.    Natural disasters are a unpredictable loss of life and show the true spirit of the people when confronted.  Race, color, religion, age….. does not matter, the spirit of the people brings comfort and strength.  the resolve to persevere prevails !!

No matter what the idiotic socialist media “tries” to imply, President Trump and the other leaders show that good will triumph.  the Governor of Texas and the thousands of rescue workers surely are the heroes !!

The clean-up will take many months, but day by day the situation improves.    Nature is a factor that cannot be “legislated”, but we all must be determined to endure.

Again, the liberal socialistic media (especially east and west coast) try to blame “people”, but we all laugh and know that their words are form stupidity…. and we must get them to move OUT of the USA as soon as possible… I am sure N.Korea will gladly accept them.

I appreciate all the volunteers and hope the best for the families affected by the flooding.


Comical “reprints”

Every single day there are “morons” who re-print the garbage already in the media that was created by the socialist liberals.  These “re-printer” have NO brain.  Just following the herd as they have no idea how to live a real, normal life.

It is so sad to see the re-printing of the fake media.  Please, take the time to right your own garbage if that is what you truly believe.   If not, go away, please.  The rest of USA does not want to be burdened by your ignorance.

Currently, President Trump’s “true” rating is higher than any president in decades.  More has been accomplished in 9 months than the past 20 years.  However, it will take a decade to fix the miserable mess the Obama years has created.

Wake up and learn….. the best is yet to come !!!!!

Some Moron wants to buy Twitter….

…………. Just to keep President Trump from using it.

Shows how far the liberal socialist mentality has reached in our society.  This type of useless person should have left the USA long, long ago and be some other country’s problem.

Instead of criticizing or good people, this person should study some history and learn facts, not add more media garbage.  Soon, this person will want to limit what we can see on the internet, what books to read, etc etc etc.  Back to the dark ages …….