More Trump Humor ! I like it…

Yes, idiots waste time posting humorous bits that only show how great our President is.  We have finally found a president that can show the world the USA can be great again, and all the terrorists and socialist are at a loss as to finding some chink in the armor.

Today, the USA government finally restarted the Hillary probe and will may her pay for the all the lies and injustice she committed while under the pretense of being a USA citizen.  Hope they strip that from her as well.

Also, the socialistic way all of our major cities have been run since the 1950’s ( again under the pretense of Democratic) is a far greater shame.  High murder rates, slums, welfare, infrastructure failing, and bankruptcy of the cities……. all mean we will need more than a decade to remotely began to clean up and stabilize. Yet the media chooses not to print that and look for excuses for their ignorance.

Each day brings new hope for the future as Trump begins the rebuilding of the USA !


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