California Emmolo wines

Yes, California is the land of plenty…..  Many such wines are of a category that does not impress, even tho does allow  a nice meal companion.

However, Emmolo is a step up, both in price and quality.  You may purchase one bottle instead of 2 or 3, but you will most likely enjoy the wine and compliment your meal in a way that you will remember for weeks….

Please take the time to sample, or visit the winery if you have the time.  enjoy


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Australia’s Rawson Retreat Wine

As the Penfolds name is a tradition in Australia, and over 150 years of patience and practice, the wines produced are seen throughout the world in fine establishments.

Many of the Penfolds wines,  including the Rawson Retreat brand, are very affordable but compare with far more expensive wines.  Weather you are preparing a filet mignon, or a burger on the grill, this wine will compliment and deliver a great meal.

The warm growing season and abundant rainfall on the eastern coast of Australia provides a perfect vineyard …. and also a wonderful location to spend a week !


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Chianti….. Gabbiano Style !

This chianti comes with 300 years of pride and wisdom.  Not sure if you will actually be wiser from consumption, but I am quite sure you will think you are !

The chianti is a great choice for summer meals…… salads, sandwiches, picnic, floating along on your boat late in the afternoon.

Also, if you check out their website, you will see the grand estate that had produced this wine for centuries.  And, if you are able, take a trip to the estate and stay in their fantastic accommodations. This a a rare treat that you will remember and wish to repeat often.


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Hope Estate Winery

This is a very bold Australian wine.  The warm average temperatures with plenty of rain produce grapes with a boldness that allows the wines to be the focal point of your meal.

We recently prepared ribs and fixings for an outdoor cookout with friends.  The wine as a big hit and blended well with the red meat and spicing on the ribs.

Not an expensive wine, so you may buy a few extra bottles and not hurt you wallet !!

I enjoyed a bit more late in the evening as I warmed up some left overs while watch television….

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Cloud Break Pinot Noir

During a recent trip to California, I came upon the Cloud Break winery and was impressed with their attention to details.  The growing cycle, land management and quality of the grapes produces a very nice wine.

I especially enjoy the Pinot Noir, good flavor and allows you to enjoy the meal without the wine being too overbearing.

You may contact the winery directly, but you should be able to find this vintage in most stores and better restaurants.

Not expensive, but definitely worth taking the effort to try.

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Comfort Food from Italy

The origins of spaghetti and meatballs comes from the effort of average families using leftovers to extend their food and save money. When times are tough, waste not.

However, as with most of us, these comfort foods are a tradition that brings back memories. And using additional ingredients, can become a delicacy.

Traditional meatballs can be made large or small, but I prefer the bite size. They cook more evenly and are less of an obstacle for the younger persons at the table.

Adding day old crustless sourdough bread, finely chopped onions, oregano, grated parmigiano cheese, eggs, parsley, salt and pepper to the meatballs creates a very enjoyable flavor and consistency.

You can use the traditional red pasta sauce, or add mushrooms and peas to the pasta with a small amount of alfredo sauce.

As another alternative, you can extend Tuna for the meatballs and have a great dish was well.
Pasta works very well for large family gatherings as the prep time is short, you can pre-cook the pasta al dente , prepare the meatballs and sauce ahead of time, thus giving you time to enjoy the gathering and put the food out in less time and less cost.