Morons who criticize

The media today is full of nay sayers….so may willing to blame others for their personal short comings.   Word Press is no different.  Trump didn’t do… or did do…. or Republicans are the blame….   ALL of this is without merit.  For the past 8 years USA has been led down a path that will take more than a decade to come back from. Electing a “president” with vision is useless until the rest of government is willing to take a stand and move foreward.  History is available to all willing to “read”.  Argentia, New Zealand… list goes on and on.  Miserable elected officals ruined good economies, but it took leaders to get the country on track and re-build. I can only hope our “media” will focus on good for a change………..and take blame for their shortcomings.



Comfort Food from Italy

The origins of spaghetti and meatballs comes from the effort of average families using leftovers to extend their food and save money. When times are tough, waste not.

However, as with most of us, these comfort foods are a tradition that brings back memories.  And using additional ingredients, can become a delicacy.

Traditional meatballs can be made large or small, but I prefer the bite size.  They cook more evenly and are less of an obstacle for the younger persons at the table.

Adding day old crust-less sourdough bread, finely chopped onions, oregano, grated parmesan cheese, eggs, parsley, salt and pepper to the meatballs creates a very enjoyable flavor and consistency.

You can use the traditional red pasta sauce, or add mushrooms and peas to the pasta with a small amount of Alfredo sauce.

As another alternative, you can extend Tuna for the meatballs and have a great dish was well.

Pasta works very well for large family gatherings as the prep time is short, you can pre-cook the pasta al dente , prepare the meatballs and sauce ahead of time, thus giving you time to enjoy the gathering and put the food out in less time and less cost.

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Tail Gate Parties ( or living rooms too )

Be sure to grab some wine for your football gathering.  It is not the time just for beer.

White wine or White Zin – Barefoot from California is great for lighter meal venues such as chicken, fruits, cheese appetizers.  White Zin is light, bubbly and allows the tastes of your foods to be more promiant.

In the case of burgers, steaks, barbeque , then a full bodied wine would be the better choice. Rosemount Diamond Label Merlot is very pleasant, smooth wine that adds a plumy flavor that compliments the spicy red meat dishes.

In each of the above cases, the cost will be about $10 per bottle, making this a great choice for your guests pleasure without emptying your wallet.  Be sure to pick up some extras, in case the game goes into overtime.

Corporate Contributions MUST be Stopped !!!

During the past year the House and Senate past into law a bill that allows Corporations to contribute to a political party with no limitations, whereas an individual may only contribute a nominal amount.

This process is completely backwards !

First, a company or corporation cannot Vote……therefore has no reason to contribute other than to make a form of  a “BRIBE” to gain favors from candidates.

Second, a corporation, such as IBM, is actually owned by millions of shareholders.  Obviously, the shareholder will have a vast array of political beliefs, there is no way the Board of Directors could possibly make a political contribution that reflects the true owners of the company – and certainly not affect matters in the various states or towns where the actual shareholder lives.

As for the Individual….this is the only person that should be able to contribute to a political party.  And must be a citizen as well, no funds should be accepted from outside the USA.

Also, an individual should be able to contribute as much as he wants…period.  If Warren Buffett wants to contribute his billions, that is great.  However, at the voting booth, Mr Buffett is still only to able to cast a single vote, the same as you or I.

We need to get our election process straightened out before the next cycle, please let me know your thoughts at



Internet Home Business Scams

For the past half a dozen years I have researched and tried dozens and dozens of internet based businesses.   The potential to reach millions of customers with a web based business is so obvious, yet my clients were having difficulties and huge losses do the costs and fees that seem to be charged for all matter of things.

Through my research  I found that the vast majority of “home based or internet based” businesses being promoted on line were really people who had lost their shirts trying to do a legitimate business, then did a complete reverse and created a “program” to sell….one that was to created an automated income stream to make you millions.

I have compiled a long, long list of the Scammers, and will share with you if you wish.   Also, through  the website  you can check out a number of real businesses that you can earn a respectable income based on the time and dedication you put in.   No rages to riches, but a real income to give yourself financial security and the time to enjoy your family and hobbies.


Wines For The Season !

Tis the season to be of good cheer…. and no better way than to lose the humbug attitude with a bit of the bubbly or a nice healthy glass of wine !!     Champagnes for special toasts, family get-togethers, or to celebrate the blessings you have been thankful for during the past year should include Pommery or Heidsieck & Co as these will delight your taste buds without emptying your wallet.  Other sparkling wines to consider Mondoro Asti, sparkling Moscato and Processo.

Several wines that I have found to be quite enjoyable are from Chile.   Their unique climate provides for full bodied red wines that are of dark purple color, notes of black berry, blueberry and plum.  The soft tannins give great flavor without over powering your taste buds.

As well as reds, the Cabernets and Malbec give you many choices to enjoy throughout the holiday season.

From the winery in California, the family fun business of Bogle Vinyard is a favorite both as the wines are excellent, but the family touch of perfection can be sensed in very glass I consume.   Thanks for the wonderful wine and best wishes to the Bogle family druing the holiday season.

Any specific wines that you may recommend would be appreciated.  You may contact me at