Corporate Contributions MUST be Stopped !!!

During the past year the House and Senate past into law a bill that allows Corporations to contribute to a political party with no limitations, whereas an individual may only contribute a nominal amount.

This process is completely backwards !

First, a company or corporation cannot Vote……therefore has no reason to contribute other than to make a form of  a “BRIBE” to gain favors from candidates.

Second, a corporation, such as IBM, is actually owned by millions of shareholders.  Obviously, the shareholder will have a vast array of political beliefs, there is no way the Board of Directors could possibly make a political contribution that reflects the true owners of the company – and certainly not affect matters in the various states or towns where the actual shareholder lives.

As for the Individual….this is the only person that should be able to contribute to a political party.  And must be a citizen as well, no funds should be accepted from outside the USA.

Also, an individual should be able to contribute as much as he wants…period.  If Warren Buffett wants to contribute his billions, that is great.  However, at the voting booth, Mr Buffett is still only to able to cast a single vote, the same as you or I.

We need to get our election process straightened out before the next cycle, please let me know your thoughts at